Thursday, June 24, 2010

WordWorld - Talking WordReader

WordWorld's Talking Word-Reader with WordCards
a fun and interactive way to learn and practice reading skills. Children just insert the WordCards into the WordReader and hear the words spelled and pronounced. With 12 colorful WordCards of WordFriends and WordThings, ready and spelling with the WordReader is as easy as fun!

How To Use?The WordWorld WordReader is a simple toy that is very durable and simple for small children to use. The child simply slides a card into the slot, pushes a button, and the toy either says the word and spells it, or simply says the word written and depicted on the card depending on which way you insert the card.
box 1: complete with 1 reader, 12 WordWorld cards
box 2: free 18 WordWord cards
requires 2 x AAA batteries

ONLY RM48.00

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