Saturday, November 13, 2010

NEATidy Bag Organizer

NEATidy Bag Organizer
What is a bag organizer ? What can it do for you?

-If you have ever had to find something in your purse especially when there isn't a lot of light around, then you know how frustrating it can be.
-Many women walk around with cluttered purse. The reason is because it's sometimes easy to get a bit careless and just toss random things in there. The bigger your purse is, the bigger the potential mess can be.
-Instead of having to turn your purse upside down and dump everything out, you can place many of your small items into the many pockets of the NEATidy Bag Organizer.
-Changing diaper while on the go can be messy, not anymore with the bag organizer, where everything is in place, surely comes handy!!
-Many women like to change handbag to suit their outfit & many times they tend to forget to switch items from one to another.
You can transfer NEATidy Bag Organizer from one purse to another. This way, you can not only keep all of your purses organized but when it's time to switch the contents of one to the other, all you have to do is lift the insert out and place it into the another purse.
Comes in size M & L
M : 24*16*9cm RM25 each
L : 26*18*10cm RM30 each
Hot Selling !!

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